ivc comunication
ivc comunication

Perimeter Security System

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection can be provided by using any combination of fence, buried cable, or digital microwave sensors on a single communications platform – to protect each portion of the perimeter with an optimal sensor for that location.


Fence Detection System -

This is Next-generation fence-mounted sensors that detect cut or climb attempts and pinpoint intrusion attempts to within 3m / 10ft.

Electric Fencing

We provide fencing solution based upon 10KV spikes for very short interval.

Infrared Sensors

Advanced, stand-alone high-performance sensors for short and medium range outdoor intrusion detection applications.

Microwave Sensors –

We provide short or long range volumetric microwave links and transceivers for open areas, gates, entryways, and rooftop and wall applications.

Buried Cable Detection System -

We provide sensors based solution that locates intruders to within 3m / 10ft for applications where covert protection is essential.