ivc comunication
ivc comunication

Access Control System and T & A

Access Control Systems facilitate authorized entry and protect homes, offices, shops,buildings, malls etc from forced entry and thus minimize the chances of burglary. Different customized solutions are provided for users depending upon their requirement.

  • Proximity based solutions
  • Smart card based Solutions
  • PIN based solutions
  • Magnetic swept based solutions
  • Web based solutions

We provide Biometric based Access Control System and Time & Attendance System.

  • Most common biometric systems are based upon
  • Fingerprint
  • Palm Scan
  • Hand Geometry
  • Iris Scan
  • Facial Scan

We offer Single Door and Double Door Electromagnetic Lock Besides, the package that can be availed in Double Door Electromagnetic Lock includes 580 X 110 X 35 mm. The Double Door Electromagnetic Lock is used at different places for security purposes.