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CCTV surveillance systems

In addition to simple solutions using Analog Cameras, the company also provide solutions using selected cameras with a groundbreaking new Image Signal Processor (ISP) which has led to a new standard in adaptive imaging technologies With WideLux ISP unmatched in terms of Sensitivity, Wide Dynamic Range Performance, Image Resolution, Low-Light Boost and Anti-Color Rolling.

Increased Low Light Sensitivity & Boost

Superior WDR at all contrast ratios

Super Wide Dynamic (sWDR)

Light level is controllable with provided easy-to-use OSD menu that enables the camera to be ideally set up for the most of different levels of backlit or contrast lighting situations.

Motion detection Lamp

Intelligent IR Compensation

When the camera detects a motion, the red led blinks in order to deter an intruder’s attempts of a crime. blue led is on in normal condition,

The Cameras for above applications can be provided as per the requirement of the customers in following shapes: -

Solutions are provided through products sourced from several reputed brands depending upon our technological assessment and customer’s preferences.